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Open platform for international cinema. Since 1995 moving images in public spaces

We are looking for new cinema languages and contents. We are committed to support new Italian and international talents and rediscover and reinterpret some of the greatest artists in the history of cinema. Every year we travel, collect and discuss about films of different length and genre, made in many different languages and formats, coming from all over the world.

Our festival supports a kind of cinema that is open to everyone and involves thousands of people worldwide: staff members, students, directors, other festivals’ staff, international production and distribution companies and schools of cinema communicate each other and share ideas. The Festival is a high-quality cultural event, which is open to everyone’s cooperation and gives the opportunity to bring yourself up to date to what is happening all over the world.

Our festival takes place in public spaces throughout Milan. Every year over 100,000 people from the whole world sit in front of our screens watching films for about two weeks in September: places to socialize with other people and share ideas. Day and night squares, theatres, auditoriums, streets, alleys, car parks, suburbs, parks, museums and galleries are full of people of different ages. Public spaces throughout the city are always open, inviting, enlightened and lively.

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