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Young Art presents a hub of emerging artists! We take a new stand on the arts and live by the device that art should be fun and easily accessible. And it shouldn't cost a fortune! We help market and establish up-and-coming artists through exhibitions, collaborations and business as well as private consultancy. Today Young Art represents 28 artists and collaborate with a network of 300 young artists.
On our Vimeo canal you can follow us behind the scenes, see artists promos and art performances.
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External Links

  • ARRIVALS art shop - Say hello to ARRIVALS and goodbye to empty walls, crazy pricetags and massproduced art. ARRIVALS is an online art shop that offers limited edition art by young artists, designers and photographers.
  • Nau gallery - Nau gallery is Young Arts permanent exhibition location in Stockholm's gallery cluster at Hudiksvallsgatan 4b. Nau gallery exhibits a new generation of artist and introduce new talents taking their first step into the established art scene.
  • Young Art - Friends of emerging stars, home of young art. Young Art/YA Creative agency represents 28 amazing talents and collaborates with a network of 300 young artists. YACreative Agency offers brand as well as business consultancy and marketing.
  • Young Art on Facebook - Follow us on facebook and get news on our projects and exhibitions, see photos and other inspiration


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