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A publishing house in the field of experimental cinema and video art since 2002, Lowave is now a platform for curatorial research principally around moving images.

Lowave's main activities revolve around the creation of exhibitions, as was the case for Singapour mon amour in Paris, 2015; Body Politics in Beirut, 2014; Theo.do.lites in Singapore, 2013; Human Frames in Düsseldorf, 2011; Reframing Reality in Roskilde, 2010; or at the Guangzhou Triennial, 2008; and the programs and performances in multiple international insitutions such as the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, the Cineteca in Madrid or the Pera Museum in Istanbul. The Lowave staff also work on the production of audiovisual projects, as artistic consultants, and are involved in schools and universities to conduct workshops and masterclasses.

The singularity of Lowave's work lies in its international scope, with a strong interest in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the valuation of emerging artists and the implementation of interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings in our practice. Since its inception, Lowave has collaborated with institutions such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, La Cinémathèque Française, The British Film Institute, ICA Singapore, The Arts House Singapore, and UNESCO.

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