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Laurentino aka LP “The Architect” is a Puerto Rican producer, composer and performer. Laurentino is the founder and CEO of L.P. Records Productions, Inc., while earning a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Music Production from Full Sail University. LP has over 10 years of combined experience in the creation and development of a variety of products ranging but not limited to beats, recording, composing, arranging, mixing, mastering, video production, post production, marketing, distribution, duplication, digital arts and web development. With all the required tools and contacts to fulfill all the needs of all current and future clients on hand, LP can cover all avenues by incorporating any necessary elements to your next project in order to guarantee the desired outcome. He has fostered partnerships with the likes of Sony Entertainment and Spotify to create exposure for himself and his roster of artists. Why deal with 50 different people and increase the risk of your work getting leaked? Instead, increase your privacy and exclusiveness by having one person that can handlebar every aspect of your next project!

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