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LS3 Studios, LLC is an award winning multimedia production company founded by Leonard Smith III. LS3 Studios offers a variety of services that include image and audio editing, production of broadcast quality video and multimedia presentations, custom photography, and web development.

LS3 Studios takes pride in providing clear and intuitive access to archives and information as well as staging compelling narratives using digital media. The studio’s creative team of producers and writers are dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring audiences through innovative storytelling.
Our main site: LS3Studios.com
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  • LS3 Studios - LS3 Studios specializing in video biography services using storytelling techniques through multimedia storytelling. Our services also include corporate training video. We help you create and tell your story.
  • NOLA Insider Guide - NOLA Insider Guide is your one stop website for New Orleans tourist information. New Orleans tourism is constantly on the upswing...
  • Genealogy Storytelling - Genealogy Storytelling is an online learning site sharing multimedia storytelling tips and techniques on sharing your family stories. The goal is to tell the stories of your ancestors in a truly in-depth unique manner.


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