Jerry A. Smith, Ph.D.

Paoli, PA

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This is some of my experimental and educational work; a lot in the area of visual effects, filmmaking, and composition. While in the film industry, digital compositing is ultimately about working with images - about how digital image data is stored and represented - it is actually much much more. Most of these compositions are designed around a specific filmmaking or vfx technique, desire to express a mood, or an need to show the subject in a specific point of view.

At LTDF, we are dedicated to discovering, making, and distributing best of class documentary films covering socially-oriented topics of the day. The human condition, as expressed through commercial-grade film production, is one of the most least understood and valued experience in our society. Through the documentary process, Live the Dream Films can show that the things that bind us together as a society and people are stronger than the things that tear us apart.

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