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With a background in Fine art and Architecture in Pavia and Milan together with her BA Honours Degree in Filmand Video production at the London College of Comunication (University of Arts London)Luana has been working as a committed self-shooting Producer/Director and Editor since 2005, producing many shorts film, documentaries and promos for well-known brands (Vladivar Vodka brand), cable TV, cultural events (Rock Fuji Festival, International Women Arts Festival), Comunity/Charity projects in UK/US, Europe and Japan.

Her personal work has been showcased in London based Institutes (the ICA, the NFT); national and international film festivals, in solo/collective exhibitions as well as broadcast on Current TV. She also worked for award-winning film director like Mike Figgis, Don Letts and Ken McMullen.Since 2007, Luana collaborates with the legendary New York based activist theatre collective the Guerrilla Girls on Tour.

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