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I operate in video post-production facilities for almost ten years and I'm currently working on Color Correction and Color Grading.
As a Data Manager 'm able to manage the workflow of digital files from cameras which Alexa, RED, Sony, Blackmagicdesign , Canon and Panasonic.

As a Junior Colorist I own my workstation:
Mac Pro 5.1 2,4 Ghz 8Core Xeon
Osx 10.10.4
SSD for boot via PCIe
8 Tb Raid
48 Gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 780 6Gb
Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme
2 x e-sata + 2 x USB3
Color Grading Monitor - EIZO CG232W dual HD-SDI 10 bit monitor
GUI Monitor - Apple Cinema Display 23"
Tangent Element control surface
DaVinci Resolve (full)

I own/operate a BMPCC and BMMCC with SD Sandisk Extreme Pro, Metabones Speedbooster,
cages and handles, Tascam DR07 audio recorder, 5.6" and 7" TFT HD Monitor
(1280x800 1080P support),
Zeiss Cine zoom 10-100mm T2.2 S16 lens
Zeiss ZF2 35mm, 50mm, 85mm f1.4 + some Nikon Ai-s Lenses.
Tripods and grip gear.

Contact me at:

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