Luca Perazzoli

Milano, Italy

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My career started very young, advertising photographers parents with their Studio, which began in the roaring 60s. In the early'90s, after finishing high school, I immediately set to start as assistant in many studios of photography in Italy, England and the United States, where I developed my interest in photography and still-life table-top director, having worked with top professionals of this kind. All most popular table-top film directors, photographers around the world have been excellent still-life photographers, where technique, precision and experience of this photography, it is essential for best results.
After my experiences as an assistant photographer, I came back to Italy and started working in the studio of my Father. It was the early '90s and even then, I remember the first crisis that had hit the advertising world. I as a young photographer, I was able to quickly insert and grow thanks to the many occasions born, because cheaper than many big established names, and then personally, I have benefited this difficult time. I moved my office 2 times and now I'm happy to work in the north of Milan where I could make a beautiful studio and ideal for my work either as a still-life photographer or a table-top director

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