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Rome, Milan

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Manager. Copywriter, Creative Consultant. Spot and Art Director.
Photography, Shooting and Editing skills.
Highly Creative, flexible and hard-worker.
Working in TV since 1999
7 Years at Orbit Communication as Promo Producer
2004-2006: Freelancing for Studio Universal Italy
2006-2008 Fox Channels Italy: Promo Producer for Nat Geo, Fox, Fox Crime, Fox Life, History Channel and Next HD (headcount).
2008-end of 2010: Senior Producer, Director and Journalist for Cult TV (Fox).
2011: On air and gfx director at Current Tv Italy
2011: on air launch and promotion of DMAX Italy, Discovery Italy's free-to-air channel
end of 2011 to present: Art Director and Head of Special Initiatives at Cielo Tv, Sky Italy's free-to-air channel (also creative consultant for Marketing and On-Air Promotion)
INTERESTS: I love cinema, tv series, docs, music, photography.
Advanced skills in Photography, shooting (Mark II) and editing (Avid) and Journalism (both Paper, Web and Video)

Gold medal best Art Direction-Promotion Spot 2010: Tv or not Tv Spot (Cult)
Bronze best Animation-Promotion Spot 2010: Tv or not Tv Spot (Cult)
Finalist Certificate best marketing reel 2009 Fox Italy-Cult Upfront Reel
Gold best copywriting 2009: Six Feet Under finale di serie (Cult)
Silver best factual promo 2008: World’s most dangerous drug (National Geographic)

Silver 2009 most outstanding promo of the Year: Cult ident promo (Cult)
10 more nominations 2008-2011

Silver best Sales Reel 2010: Fox Upfront Intro-reel 2009 (Fox Italy)
Silver best drama campaign 2010: The Wire campaign (Cult)
Bronze best special event spot: Cult Summer Festival (Cult)
Silver best sport promo 2008: Soccer, what a passion! (History Channel)

SKY AWARDS & EURO PROMAX Gold for best brand campaign of the year: Cult Brand Campaign (Cult-Fox)
WORLD PROMAX Bronze best brand campaign 2009: Cult ID Campaign
NY FESTIVAL Finalist Certificate best Image Promotion 2009: Cult Brand Campaign
WORLD PROMAX Gold 2011 special event integrated campaign Saviano on Saviano (Current Italy
WORLD PROMAX Silver 2011 special event spot Saviano on Saviano (Current Italy)
WORLD PROMAX Silver 2011 news/information integrated campaign Saviano on Saviano (Current)
WORLD PROMAX Bronze 2011 special event integrated campaign Saviano on Saviano (Current Italy)

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