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Born January 23, 1981 in Cordoba, Argentina under the name of Lucas J. Herrera.
At age 12 making direct contact with the musical creation THROUGH guitar and after a vast repertoire of styles and trends built from an early age, the search begins to translate this into a band.
At 14, he definitely takes the idea so integrating his first band (Republika) made by peers and school friends who are moving on the line of progressive rock, being influenced mainly by Soda Stereo, band characterized for taking the lead and experimentation of sound album after album. The culminating point of this experience leads them to open the "Spring Festival 1999" in Carlos Paz, a party that that day would become the largest call inside the country until then.
In 2000, the dissolution of the band creates a new leap in experimentation, and with David Lopez (former Republika) and Agustin Ninci (250 cents) explore sounds influenced by Pink Floyd and Radiohead in "Claroscuro", a band that will not reach out the ring but the future evidentiary course.
2002 begins with a period of voluntary seclusion art scene, making a shift toward introspective experimental music, ethnic, oriental and film sound. At this stage would conduct a few productions but of great personal satisfaction.
At 2008 in another twist in the search about technique approached to ORBITAL (Academy of DJ and music production) where he would learn the latest tools and software, guided by Serigio Albornoz (The Sirius) recognized local DJ starting to produce with LIVE Ableton. so he recorded his first electronic work to the album "Electro chill sessions" by Ramiro Asiva.
Today this experience expands and transforms to result in a interesting palette of colors and shades which mixan evenly and clean contributing their distinctive touch to the scene Dj local producers and national and international borders seeking to expand in different styles.

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