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Starting out in media production at the age of 13 I've always had a passion for audio/video production. During high school I started a Film Club that allowed kids an after school option to create and learn different forms of video production and post production. I went on to study at Kent State University where I worked as campus IT/Enduser support while being the technical director of the schools radio station, all while earning my bachelors in Electronic Media Production at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I currently reside at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City as the Media & Technical Specialist. In the non-profit realm you have to do it all, currently I administer the Mac (media) network, while aiding in the production of worship celebrations, overseeing all media equipment and installations over all the Ginghamsburg campuses. While working more than full time at Ginghamsburg I am also working toward my Masters of Information Science at the Raj Soin School of Business, at Wright State University.

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