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"Lucca was born in England and raised between the UK and Brazil. Submerged in two contrasting cultures from an early age, he learnt how to deal and make most of the various situations which confronted his personal life.

He began expressing himself visually at the age of 16, when he first became familiar with the techniques of photography which he saw as a tool to communicate with the outside world. His passion for the medium was soon evident as a day wouldn't go by without him mentioning someting about the light he'd seen somewhere.

At the age of 17 he left his sociological studies behind and started his photography studies at the AUCB in England. Within six months of completing his studies, he started off working and shooting for local publications until having the opportunity to shoot an editorial for Mercedes Benz UK. In that same year he began working as an assistant.

Today, in his early twenties, Lucca is based between São Paulo and London; continuously growing and adding his infectionate passion for image making.

Spreading his imagination in different directions, Lucca is also becoming involved with the moving image and has, not so long ago, grown an interest in theatrical direction.

He produces his work with a lot of passionate dedication towards lighting and the use of colours - striving to create a strong visual narrative with his subjects.

He has also assisted various photographers in Europe, including Mario Testino. His achievement so far is striking; being featued in various international publications and having become one of the youngest contemporary photographers to have gained international representation. We look forward to seeing what he will bring in the future.

G.P Buniac - Taygeta Creative Rep

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