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  1. 3D Animation & Showreel

    by Garen Asatrian joined

    4,244 Videos 1,829 Members

    This group is a community of talented 3D animation artists. Here we can talk about animation, share experience, show our works and have fun. We have members from all over the world :) There are…

  2. The Animation Club

    by Alex Fernandez joined

    452 Videos 233 Members

    Welcome everyone, this group is a Spawn of Cartoonsmart and Toonboom's competition To Recreate 15 seconds of your favorite non-animated movie. The main focus is to share our wips, finished…

  3. 3D Character Modeling and Animation

    by Giora Eshkol joined

    87 Videos 19 Members

    3D character Modelers and animators are invited to showcase their work in this group http://www.real-3d.com

  4. 3D/2D animations

    by Mdhamiri á Nkemi joined

    5,367 Videos 1,275 Members

    Animations done on any 3d/2d software. Cinema 4d, Maya, 3dsmax, After Effects, Blender etc...

  5. CG Cookie

    by CG Cookie joined

    890 Videos 620 Members

    Have a video related to Computer Graphics? Add it to the group and help keep the education rolling around.

  6. Blender3D

    by Vaclav Chaloupka joined

    2,341 Videos 1,259 Members

    Blender (http://www.blender.org/) Blender a free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. This group is to share tutorials,…

  7. 3d Character Animation

    by Michal Ogorek joined

    985 Videos 367 Members

    Show your stuff!

  8. Cartoons

    by Matthew Tully joined

    3,207 Videos 610 Members

    Animated artwork with a heavy emphasis on character.

  9. 3D Animation

    by Zafiris Kalantzis joined

    47.3K Videos 15K Members

    Here you can find and put all kind of 3D animated Videos.

  10. Animation Telling Stories

    by Raffaella Traniello joined

    307 Videos 1,637 Members

    Early childhood friendly high quality animations. Any kind of animation with - high artistic quality (technique and content) - no language barrier - no content making sleeping hard for a 5y…

  11. Free HD stock footage

    by Phil Fried joined

    258 Videos 25.8K Members

    all clips you find in this group I give away for free use in your productions! I hope you find useful stuff in here. feedback & tipjar welcome :-)

  12. Blender 3D

    by SHAMUS Eckstein joined

    1,573 Videos 618 Members

    Group dedicated to the wonderful open source software BLENDER. Have a look around and be sure to comment on the extraordinary work blender allows you to create or post a tutorial to help others…

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