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Lewisburg, TN

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LuCiD DIMEnsion is a 4 man band. We consider our selves to be outside of the box when it comes to music genre. We embody all that metal is from the old school days of late 60's and 70's metal to today's crushing brutal death metal!

Alonzo Chambers-Vocalists is a truly stand alone individual when it comes to performance and sound, willing to throw his own body to the ground and with a voice that stands out among the rest he says "I am ready to die for this and I will do what ever it takes even if I shatter every bone in my body and cough up my heart on stage to bring the best performance possible every time"

Andrew Bradley-Guitarists is a man on a mission, he shows no fear into stepping onto the stage with or with out a rhythm guitarists or bassist behind him, he plays even some of the most crushing riffs while making it look as easy as cutting melted butter with a heated blade in his own words "this is my family this is my life! I am here with a purpose we will not fail we will prevail LCD for life!"

Douglas Becker-Drums has done in 2 in 1/2 years what most drummers can't in a decade. proving to everyone that steps up to plate that if your heart and soul are into what you do you will definitely succeed, able to maintain destructive foot work while unleashing chaos in calculation up top his goal in life remains the same "I am done with people talking shit, and I will stop at nothing to be the best at what I do and I will accept nothing less, when we hit the stage prepare to be blown away"

Gregory Terry-Guitarists After some time apart and a couple bands later, he is back where he belongs. In Lucid Dimension! "It's time to get back into the metal and get this music made, this is an a whole new beginning and we won't stop until we hit the limit... The sky is the limit and it never ends"

We know that metal and rock mostly stem from horror and peoples uncontrollable obbsession with death. We hold a profound respect for the original masters of metal. We are fans of the music that motivated us to make it our passion.
Lucid - Seeming to be real although the reality we live is questionable.
Dimension - What everything is made up of, exist in four dimensional plains, the first three layers are physical while the fourth is time and can never be touched, and fifth being space which is infinite, in other words we are just that, LuCiD DIMEnsion is the only group in the history of horror and metal to play live inside of a haunted attraction! We are the untouchable reality inside time and space! We are the sixth Dimension we are LuCiD DIMEnsion!

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