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Writer. Model. Conceptual artist. Dreamer. He works as a graphic designer and creative director for brands, products, companies and cultural projects, realizing the concept of some important events in Krakow, Montreal, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, where he also performed live. Composer and musician in the field of Transcendentalism, he plays piano and cello, dividing and mixing modern classical, electronic and minimal music, always in a cinematic way. He also co-works, live and in studio, with national and international artists of any poetic nature.


  1. Ealing Studios
  2. PostPanic
  3. daniel crooks
  4. Pause Fest
  5. Murat Pak
  6. Mark Holthusen
  7. Giselle Tanabe
  8. Jake Russell
  9. Richard Mans
  10. Tobias Tran
  11. Warp Records
  12. JurajTalcik
  13. Zurab Tsnobiladze
  14. Antonymes
  15. Dustin O'Halloran
  16. morr music
  17. stereogum
  18. Jónsi & Alex

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