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Portland, Oregon.

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Born in Argentina. Portland is my new home. I love films. I love plants. I love food. I love movie marathons with food. Yeah, that sounds fun. I am an Associate Producer at OPB's Oregon Lens, so I spend a lot of time watching videos, specially here in Vimeo. If you would like to submit a video, please send me a private message.


  1. Bill Plympton
  2. Ian Langenhuysen
  3. HouseSpecial
  4. Virginia Vickery
  5. Kate Black
  6. Kia Anne Geraths
  7. Aaron Wong
  8. Todd Robinson
  9. Joanna Priestley

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  1. This is really good work!
  2. Excelente video! Gracias por mostrarnos el corazón de los Mochuelos. Tengo mi copia y me emociona ver la dedicación y amor que tienen al crearlos.