Lucy Gardner

Falmouth, Cornwall

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I am an aspiring producer who is currently in her third year at University studying Film. Over the last few years I have produced 1st class films, one of which was selected for the student award at Sheffield Doc Fest 2012. I am an efficient and hard worker, I easily adapt to new environments and love networking and meeting new people. I constantly aim to reach a fuller potential within myself and my ultimate goal is to become an integrated part of the industry.


Last Friend of Earth 2013 In Production
Britain & Broomsticks 2013 In Production
Straws 2012 10-Minute Short
Fabalous 201 Sheffield Doc Fest Documentary
Cauchemar 2011 Cornwall Film Festival Abstract Silent Film
It Ends at the Shore 2011 Cornwall Film Festival 5-Minute Short


  1. Macey Leslie
  2. Daniel Brown
  3. Tom Millen
  4. Sheffield Doc/Fest
  5. Emily Henderson

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  1. Hi there, Neil from Falmouth University here. I really need to speak to you as the film has been accepted into a festival and we need some bits and pieces. Please get in touch asap Thanks, Neil