Luis Sanchez

DFW, TX & Atlanta, GA

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Film/Video production, Movi Owner/Operator, Post-production, & Camera junkie...
Luis has been working towards enhancing his cinematography skills for the past 7 years. His long-term interest in filmmaking led him to complete a BS. in Film and to obtain special attention from some of the industry's professionals at Full Sail University.


  1. Michael Bay Dot Com
  2. Shane Hurlbut, ASC
  3. Fletcher Productions
  4. Natasha Paris
  5. Wind Up Films
  6. Lance Rivas: Videographer/Editor
  7. Nathan Blair
  8. Daniel Kuzila
  9. Garrett Dollar
  10. Christopher Bigbie
  11. EFTI School of Photography
  12. Tony Zhou
  13. Nate Low
  14. Gerardo Davila
  15. Kyle Rybak
  16. Ryan Forester
  17. Ozzy B.
  18. J R Hamilton Productions

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