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"Luka is a young and energetic director born and raised in Russia but now he is based in Budapest, Hungary, where he finished his studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. His aim as a director is to produce something that is exciting, fresh and a barrowfull of energy and ideas."



  1. Mayki
  2. Patric Ryan
  3. Final Cut
  4. Tony Zhou
  5. Chris Carboni
  6. Albin Holmqvist
  7. Vallée Duhamel
  8. Jr.canest
  9. beeple
  10. Dvein
  11. Kiku Ohe
  12. Aaron Koblin
  13. Kyle McDonald
  14. Ten 24
  15. Frame.
  16. Kickass Factory
  17. Deep Green Sea
  18. Nuria Riaza

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