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After leaving college studying Media and Communication Luke started his career in Film and TV working as a Runner at award winning post-production company Framestore-CFC.

After a year of working as a Runner and gaining an insight about the processes of post-production special effects, he then went onto work for one of the worlds largest camera rental house's ARRI Media as a camera technician working with 16mm and 35mm motion picture cameras as well as Digital camera's such as the Arri D21 and the new Arri ALEXA camera.

He began making music videos over weekends for unsigned bands. Luke would self produce his videos as well as direct them which then caught the attention of a few major record labels who would send him tracks of newly signed artists to pitch on.

After shooting a number of videos whilst at ARRI he then left in 2009 to pursue his directing career where he was then signed up as a Director at Gas & Electric, a production company for music video's and commercials.

His work is quite eclectic in style, ranging from very bright, punchy and quirky concepts to beautiful cinematic high-production value work.

As well as Directing, Luke is also a Camera Operator and shoots Corporate films, Branded films, High Profile Weddings, Events, EPK's and edits on Final Cut Pro.

Luke is also a keen extreme sports enthusiast, he loves to Skateboard, Snowboard, Wakeboard, Surf, Casterboard, Rock Climb and Waterski.

In the past Luke has worked many years as a waterski instructor and speedboat driver growing up beside a ski lake in Essex.


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