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I am a media artist who often uses algorithmic and generative techniques. I am interested in exploring the ways humans and technology interact, as well as how and where belief is a factor in that interaction.

I believe one of the most important purposes of an artist's practice is to ask questions. Artists of various types are given freedom to creatively explore areas that others are only able to explore in a focused industrial setting. It is this freedom that allows artists like myself to raise questions and level criticisms that are crucial to healthy and responsible techno-scientific progress. These are questions and criticisms that often find little or no voice in industrial research.

I am constantly searching for the role of aesthetics in my work. On some levels I feel my creative process is one of exploration. In so far as I am exploring, I want to let my subject matter speak for itself, and I generally aim for a sort of transparency in my work. In the end, my artistic vision is always a significant element, so I try to make it clear where my influence factors into the design process.

I see my future work focusing on two thematic topics: life and truth. Is life a state of existence or emergence? What is the difference between the living and the non-living? How and where does one cross that divide? Of what value is “truth,” and how does it differ from fiction? How does fiction differ from lies? Can you tell a true story about a fictional place? Where does “belief” fit into this mess? From fan-fiction to historical-revisionism we are building narratives all the time. I suspect the “truth value” of those narratives lies not in their correlation to past events but rather the belief that resonates in our minds.

I am an alumni of the Electronic Media, Arts, and Communications (EMAC) program at RPI and I will be persuing a MFA at UB in the fall. I like to write software that composes music or draws picture, or even draws music. I also love free improvisation, graphic design, underground punk and metal, cheap science fiction, and designing stencils.

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