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My name is M. Robert I. and i am from Romania, Bucharest. Just trying to share my movie / video love with you guys through this awesome website. Since i don t own a video camera / foto camera i can t do nothing profesional right now. Sony Vegas helps me feed my video art desire though.

M.Robert I.

* Also used the name "Startrip" - It is my music experience background. Early this year (2012) i tried to make some songs in Ableton Live. And i launched my first EP as a music artist (Nice and Quiet EP)
* Also used the name "BRKGHT" - It is my early pseudonym in video editing and video art.
* Later on using "Bucharest Underneath", "BR"
* Also used the name "BRFILM" and "alohaBRIGHT"- pseudonyms in video editing and video art.
* Also used the name "Lumen" in photo editing projects.

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