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LUMEN ECLIPSE is a public art project dedicated to exhibiting and promoting motion artists. Our goal is to expand the public awareness of works in this medium, while contributing to the creative fabric of our community.

The project exists in two spaces.

Outdoors In the heart of Harvard Square, we publicly display work on a pair of outdoor video screens. Artworks are shown for three months from dusk until 2 AM daily at 0 Harvard Square to an estimated 53,000 pedestrians.

Online through our curated online archive, we continually strive to build an inspiring resource for creatives.

Since launching in 2005, LUMEN ECLIPSE has showcased works by over 250 artists, representing a varied spectrum of disciplines, artistry and thematic content.

HARVARD SQ. Cambridge has long been a cultural epicenter, with ties to diverse segments of the arts, from the American folk scene in the 60's to the latest media art on display at the MIT List Museum.

At the center of Cambridge is Harvard Square, with a demographic as diverse as its ideas. LUMEN ECLIPSE is a central point of curiosity and engagement for scholars, tourists, workers, street performers and residents alike.

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