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These two birds come from outer space (Lille, France) to spread their melodious wings upon us. High up in the sky, they collect the strangest sounds and put them together like twigs to build their nest, their music.

The laptop is Luminocolor’s golden cage and when they open it, their Folktronica escapes and whispers to our ears. We hear their saxophone, their clarinet and their melodica here or their mandolin riffs mixed with electronic sequences there. They tell us a dream they had, that seems oddly familiar to us. Listening along to the birds’post-rock patchwork, we suddenly recognize it: it’s the dream where you grow wings and fly away…

Lately Korby, a migratory from Normandy landed on Luminocolor’s branch. Using visuals he collected during his travels around the globe, he added his own twigs to the nest and built a dreamlike visual clip to illustrate the birds’ musical vision.