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Through founding LUSTlab in 2010, multidisciplinary graphic design practice LUST (established in 1996 by Thomas Castro, Jeroen Barendse and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen) continues to expand its horizons. LUSTlab researches, generates hypotheses and makes unstable media stable again. Being more than a new form of Research & Development, LUSTlab goes further than observing, inventing and producing, by forming a platform where knowledge, issues and ideologies can be shared. Research takes place on the verge of society, where communication, science and technology are united with design, interaction and technique, often even without a clear goal. According to LUSTlab, the future of digital media lies in the design of its use. LUSTlab approaches design as the most ingenious, beautiful and consolatory science in endeavors to understand the human being - from our molecular origins to the possibilities of the future. The catalyst to activate all senses in attempts to comprehend the myriad of possibilities that we accelerate towards. Using accumulated knowledge we can ask questions at everything that we don't understand.

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