Valeria Mignaco & Alfonso Marin

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Valeria Mignaco & Alfonso Marin soprano-lute duo

Gradually finding its way into the European courts of the renaissance, the lute was considered the most emblematic instrument of its age. Singularly endowed to accompany the voice, this combination inspired the raise of a vast corpus of ravishing songs. The great variety of languages, poets, composers, styles and folk influences defined the great richness of this repertoire.
By offering nowadays our eloquent and captivating interpretations of these songs, we seduce the listener with the diversities of 16th century Europe:

Spain and its bloody wars against the moors and secret love stories,
The blossom of the Italian humanism and Petrarca’s sensual verses,
The pompous French courts and their voluptuous love songs,
The glorious Elizabethan England and its cult of melancholy...

Carefully selected songs and stories for each of our concert programmes conveying a wide gamut of musical sensations, performed dynamically and passionately aiming to move and amaze our audiences.

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