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I live, I laugh, I love, I cry, I procrastinate, I create, I fuck it up, I re-create, I daydream, I wish, I do, I be, I am, I leave the plate half full, I learn lessons, I help out, I seek out help, I am insecure, I'm detached, I'm engaging, Im a free spirit, Im controlling, Im an old soul, Im young at heart, I'm shallow, I think deeply, I feel, I hurt, I hope, I am complex and simplistic simultaneously Life is an ever evolving state of ups and down, highs and lows, and I choose not to miss a moment of it. I love who I am and what I am unconditionally especially in the down times and there are many I have faith but not blindly I believe in being who you are and showing that to the entire world or not I laugh as much as I can every day, and I let go of my sanity at least twice a day. I usually lose count. I like to forget some of what I've learned because I like surprises. Life isn't hard we make it hard. Happiness is all around us and we are all around it...Words are powerful, silence more so

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