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Luxury Stranger - A brief description...

Mainly influenced by the sounds of post-punk / cold wave and 'indie' from 1978 to 1984.

Imagine: David Bowie and Iggy Pop's Berlin years mixed with a dash of Bolan glam, the disparate sound of Joy Division and early Cure with the melodies of Martin L Gore and power of The Chameleons - THIS is Luxury Stranger.

"...the windswept grandiosity of classic line-up Echo and the Bunnymen". (ThisCity Magazine)

"...they just do the song thing so well and create the sort of record you should, depending on age, be cranking up before going out for the night. It’s one of those perfect life-affirming collections". (Mick Mercer)

" of the UK's standout dark alternative acts". (Sphere Webzine)

"...passionate, atmospheric and moody soundscapes make for an excellent show". (Dominion magazine)

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