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Lyn Lomasi is the Founder of Write W.A.V.E. Media and co-owner with her partner, Richard Rowell. She's also the former Community Manager & Advocate of Yahoo Contributor Network. Lyn helps web writers succeed. Her momtrepreneurial skills are also present in her household of multiple kids and pets. She has a big, open heart for all. Lyn's currently raising her jungle of a family in Denver. On her downtime (wait, she has some?!...), she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing, photography, music, and film. Her films will feature cute animals & kids, music videos from the young band "Eclipse" and the clown duo, Bebop N' Banana (aka her talented kids), parenting tips (fur and human type), and whatever else she does on the fly. One day she may be brave enough to sing for you...maybe. :)

External Links

  • Purple Magic - Keep up with music from Lyn Lomasi aka Purple Magic.
  • Article Writer For Hire - Hire Lyn here for content projects and also find tips & resources regarding web writing.
  • Write W.A.V.E. Media - This is where Lyn helps fellow writers learn the ropes of web writing. Clients can also find great talent here.
  • Heart 'N Mind Paw Rescue - Keep up with Lyn's animal recsue efforts here. Currently, she helps network animals from other rescues and shelters while she makes plans to open Heart 'N Mind Paw Rescue.
  • Pawsitive Parenting - Heard of Lyn's positive parenting tips? This is the furry manifestation. Find pawsitive tips geared toward raising fur kids and teaching human kids to be kind to our furry friends.
  • Life... Successfully - This is Lyn's lifestyle site geared toward many topics, such as natural beauty, green living, fan sports, parenting, social justice, and much more. In other words, don't come here unless you're ready for a break.
  • Heart & Mind Homeschool - Heart & Mind Homeschool is dedicated to providing quality educational resources at free and low costs. Lyn believes everything should come from the heart, inclusing knowledge. The name first started as her own family's homeschool and is growing over time.
  • Poverty & Homelessness - Homelessness is one of the many causes near and dear to Lyn's heart. This site provides resources and information for those affected or wanting to help.


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