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Lynn Demers, The Art of New Beginnings

Life can get busy and it is easy to lose touch with who we are and what really matters. We live in a world where it is challenging to be ourselves and still fulfill the commitments of the various roles that we are required to step into. When this happens we exhaust our spark of vitality, life loses meaning and we feel stuck.

Being a professional sculptor for over 30 years has honed my intuition and ability to connect with the vital life force that exists deep inside each one of us. My gift is in listening for what is essential while allowing all that is unnecessary to fall away. Through this approach we gently tap into and unearth your astute inner guide and mentor, honouring this place of being to fuel creation, nourishment and growth while sculpting and shaping the of seeds of passion. Seeds that are filled with inspired life energy ready to burst open into vast possibilities.

This transformational journey is for individuals who are motivated to explore possibilities, open to discovery and willing to evolve to create a life that resonates with them. You might be facing major life or career changes, relationship challenges or have behaviours that are not serving you. You sense that something is out of alignment and have a desire to get back on track. By tapping into what has great value and meaning you connect deeply with your personal power and presence, you become flexible, resilient and resourceful. Regardless of what happens you are capable of working with it, you find your growing edge and become the master and creator of your life story, your legacy.

Lynn Demers, Professional Sculptor

Sculpting is one of my life long passions. I am inspired and guided by the essence of the piece that I am creating. My task is to discover the gem inside and to allow everything that is not needed to fall away.

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