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  1. Picture Show
  2. Samantha Carty
  3. Aaron Kemnitzer

    Aaron Kemnitzer Plus New York


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    Freelance Animation, Compositing, & Design based out of Brooklyn, NY. Software: AE, Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop, Illustrator, Element3D, & PF Track

  4. John X. Carey

    John X. Carey Plus Los Angeles, CA


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    Fan of emotion and character. john@johnxcarey.com https://twitter.com/Johnxcarey http://instagram.com/johnxcarey

  5. Gentlemans Quarterly
  6. Alexandra Hetmerova

    Alexandra Hetmerova Czech republic


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    I'm a freelance director, animator, graphic designer and illustrator from Czech republic. I want work with you If you're interested of my work there are links to my website:

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