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  1. Buchla Synthesizers United

    by Giorgio Sancristoforo joined

    32 Videos / 29 Members

    Work with a Buchla? Join and send your best videos.

  2. Electronic Music Gear Haven

    by Reggie Tidwell joined

    1,288 Videos / 406 Members

    Any and everything electronic music-related. Studio tours, gear and software tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews, etc. If you are a fan of Moog, Dave Smith, Korg, Oberheim, Arp, Abelton Live, Pro…

  3. The Wigglers

    by Ross Kingston joined

    819 Videos / 312 Members

    A place for members of the Muff Wiggler forum to share their modular synthesizer videos. Please only add videos that have something to do with modular / patchable synthesizers! Videos that are…

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