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Model-357 – what does it mean? It’s unique model of dancing progress & perfection + three numbers in title with individual meaning for everyone.

Model-357 is not an ordinary dance studio, it’s a space to be, to share and to create for all the Moscow dance community. It’s real Laboratory Of Dancing Arts: a place for feeling dance, for training dance and going for more. For beginning, growing up and getting opportunities. Model-357 is the biggest Moscow dance workshop, which offers more then 35 dance and fitness directions – most of them are special exclusive courses.

Located in the center of Russian capital, Model-357 united the best professionals all over the country, trained by authoritative world instructors, presenters and dancers. Besides group and individual studies, Model-357 is also used as main rehearsal base by many popular singers and bands, performers and dance troupes. For 13 years of its existence Laboratory Of Dancing Arts has occupied leader positions in dance market and got status of great importance in capital and russian dance life. Model-357 is constantly developing and extending scope, quality and quantity of services, clients and teachers base, producing new projects. Among them are home dance battles, biggest dance events and competitions, announced in mass media, and russian and international workshops. Nowadays none of dance studios can competes with Model-357 in these positions, including level of organization. That’s because of 13-years huge experience, passion for perfection and outstanding approach to favourite business, which transformed in Laboratory Of Dancing Arts into natural way of life.

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