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“Associação dos Criadores de Macau”, also known as “macau.creatives”, is a non-profit creative association founded in August 2005, and was officially registered in June 2006. Our mission is to gather Macau creatives from various disciplines (artists, designers, videographers, musicians, photographers, writers, and broadcasters, etc.) around the world together to develop and promote the creative industry of Macau. Mainly through creative projects, online networks, collaborations and contests, we strive to contribute to diversifying our local creative industry, to provide opportunities for the younger generation, as well as to show our talents to the world.

We produce one creative project annually, stemming from ideas and discussions of our members. The objective of this annual project is to team up individuals from different creative fields and collaborate on a venture from concept to completion, and finally to launch it to the market. Our past creative projects inc:

Sing It Out 09
Inside Out
Untitled Chapters


Phone: (853) 6689-0837 / (853) 6689-7519


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