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Dublin, Ireland // Portland, OR

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Steve Mac Devitt is a multi disciplinary designer / director.

By day creating title sequences and programme packages, channel branding and promos for TV and film, by night producing and directing music videos, live visuals and light installations.

He has won several awards for his film and TV work. His artistic endeavors have been seen at many festivals including Body&Soul, Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Fringe Festival, OFFSET, WebSummit, D.E.A.F, & Benecassim (Spain)


  1. VT Production Design
  2. Algorithm
  3. FutureDeluxe
  4. Counterpoint Music
  5. Greg Debicki
  6. Hamill Industries
  7. Eran Hilleli
  8. James George
  9. Processing Foundation
  10. Gábor Pribék / Kapor
  11. Southpaw Pictures
  13. Casey REAS
  14. Ugur Engin DENIZ
  15. Computer Team™
  16. Gaspar Battha
  17. Erased Tapes
  18. T + P

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