The Adventures of Maceo McKay Plus

Highland Park

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This is Maceo. He is awesome!

He is also my son, so I guess I'm preprogrammed to think that. Nonetheless, these videos are what we are up to these days, working on recovering from a brain injury sustained at birth. Maceo, myself, his dad Joe and all our therapist and doctors work hard every day at this but we also have a lot of fun, figuring out new ways to move forward.

We post these videos so that his immediate community of practitioners can see how he's doing with the various therapies and equipment we employ. Sometimes we need to send links to insurance companies so they can see what equipment we need. Maceo's extended family and friends keep up with him on here as well. All that said, anyone who is interested in what we are doing is invited to join us here as well.

Sometimes the impossible takes a little bit longer, so we are just gonna keep on keeping on, working hard and having fun.

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