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Machine Boy have been creating electronic music, short animated films & art for a number of years, Machine Boy music has been used by various tv & production companies including BBC, Chan 4 & 5, Central/Carlton, Chilli Media, Black Diamond & in the USA by the likes of MTV.

Machine Boys albums are now available to buy at ITUNES. The ep called DEPRESSION EP thru Includes the huge lyrical/vocal talent of USA Seattle based poet/artist Lorian Elbert, giving the Machine Boy sound a whole new dark (surreal) edge.

The story goes on seeing one of Lorians poem books Machine Boy knew these words would work perfectly with his soundscapes. Kind words & airplay from DJ legend/icon John Peel (RIP)...god how much do we miss Johns shows ! ;-( more recently airplay for Machine Boys 'Action Figures' from the likes of top radio one jock Huw Stephens and airplay, positive vibes from BB6music's Tom Robinson plus continued support from Gill Mills TOP podcast iCast and Machine Boy being included in BBC Radio One's TOP unsigned podcast have all helped build the Machine Boy fanbase.

Machine Boy also create animated video's to promote his music, the first being a video for the track 'Depression' and the video instantly picked up airplay on the mighty MTV, more recent animated promo's such as 'Action Figures', 'Building A Better Boy' & 'Depression' have also been given airplay from MTV2 in various programmes such as '120 minutes' etc.

Serious airplay from tv, including MTV Real World, Road Rules and various extreme sports programs/films has only made the whole Machine Boy project more mouthwatering.

Machine Boy have also been doing work with producer/writer Ian Wallman (B15 Project) and a song for the 'more sonic adventures...' album has been co-written with Ian, titled 'Despair'. The full album is now available and goes again (as the ep) under the name of 'Machine Boy featuring Lorian Elbert' and has the full title of MORE SONIC ADVENTURES FROM MACHINE BOY FEATURING LORIAN ELBERT.

Machine Boy have more recently been releasing albums, eps thru the label and releases are currently available thru all good download website worldwide including Amazon, iTunes, HMV, Spotify, Napster, play etc....

MORE Machine Boy info at:
you can also link up with Machine Boy on the MONSTER everyone calls FaceBook at:

Thanks for your time!

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