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Maciej Ozog, PhD, is a media theorist, researcher and sound artist. His research focuses on history and theory of media arts, panoptic / postoptic surveillance culture, information society, bio art and posthumanism. He has published a number of articles on aesthetics of interactive art, history and theory of avant-garde film and video art, and experimental music. He is a founder of a number of musical and multimedia projects including: Noize Dance Esthetics, Spear (with Joanna Niekraszewicz), ben zeen (with Paweł Cieślak), Aural Treat (with Marta Heberle), Sub Spa and Qantum Vacuum Oscillator. In 2009 he started audio-visual project Nonstate with Bartek Kuzniak and Mac Umatik. Ozog realizes also his solo projects (peformances and installations) that focuse on the experimental exploration of the physical and performative aspects of audio and video.

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