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Since graduating from UNCSA in 2005, Mackenzie has been excited and blessed to work with several companies and choreographers such as H.T. Chen and Dancers, Fly-by-Night Dance Theatre, and Brice Mousset, as well as having the pleasure to share the successes of her sister's dance company, 87 Dance Productions as both managing director and core dancer. Mackenzie has participated in the 25th anniversary of Cirque du Soliel in a surprise performance in Time Square. She also has had the privilege over the last four years to merge into the aerial dance genre and has gained knowledge and experience with several teachers and coaches, most notably Ivo Gueorguiev, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor and Laura Witwer.

As an aerialist, Mackenzie brings a dancer's grace and an athlete's strength and endurance. She is looking forward to delving deeper in to the aerial arts, as well as merging dance with aerial.


  1. Brice Mousset
  2. cara hagan