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Samuel Díaz Fernández Littauer (SDFL)

An award-winning filmmaker, Samuel lives to tell a good story. And to question what is "Good", in any case.

From 2008-2011, Samuel traveled across the USA as he finished “New Spirits“– the award-winning feature-length documentary co-directed with Andrew Freer in 2010. During that time he continued working on music videos, experimental art video, and editing projects.

He is currently swimming in post-production for his up-coming 2013 documentary called ESTRATOS (“Strata”). You could say the film is about everything–love, politics, violence, the self, commitment, architecture, change, revolution, and maybe even the platonic form of "Colombian-ness". These all take shape through the crisp voice and cadence of young Colombian composers/interpreters working within the classical contemporary tradition. See their work here at

For Samuel, documentary film is a way of being rooted — a being-there when one cannot be — if only for a little while. However, it is at the same time a way of making the familiar feel strange again.

To the date Samuel has moved more than 25 times and he relishes the innumerable lot of narratives that he has encountered along the way. Though he likes to call Bogotá, Colombia home, he finds happiness wherever there are good people willing to dance, eat together, sip cafe, bury their dead well, and free-associate collectively. He currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland.

He firmly believes in the power of the visual arts in an age of magical thinking. Check out his filmic musings and exercises at

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