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Madame Decadent was born in Florence on 1983 with the name of Katia Di Stefano.
Since her childhood she has used graphical arts as a way to escape from a hardship situation, both individual and familiar, which gave her a predisposition towards expressive choices, sometimes even disturbing and characterized by shattering violence.
Imagination and drawing, born as essential instruments for her survival, became soon a totalizing passion, so that the art school of Porta Romana in Florence was an unavoidable choice. This is the place where she acquired the concepts of discipline, rigour and dedication. During those years she learned the way to use ancient and traditional techniques, becoming able to dominate them also upon different kinds of media. In the meanwhile she joined a theatrical company, working as an action-painting performer in several Tuscan theatres and bringing her inner world even on urban contexts. At the end of this period of study and experiences, the hunger for knowledge brought her to a confrontation with innovative medias and techniques at the "International school of comics" in Florence, where she met Mr. Gianni "GiPi" Pacinotti, her friend and mentor. This school, giving her the skills to manipulate modern techniques, allowed her to find the trait d'union and the damping factors between modern and classic and, therefore, to find out the way to combine them creating contrasts and harmonies.
Encouraged and promoted by her tutors, during those years she continued working as an action painter, moving her performances towards premises and artistic events. In that moment she started feeling a keen attraction for tattoos, that soon became a true passion, turning her body into a new artistic land to discover, due to this new “demon” of hers.
Another important encounter for her vocational training was Emiliano "Doc" Marchetti, tattoo artist and owner of the "La caverna delle torture" tattoo studio in Arezzo, and ATPP President (Professional Tattooers and Piercers Association). Their commercial relationship turned very soon into a professional collaboration; in 2001 the tattoo experience began, bringing her to Rome where, for a short period, she worked for the "Psycho Tattoo" studio. During the roman years, while continuing experimentation and pictorial production, she started a collaboration with the "A di Anna" review as an illustrator. Some appraisers of her works also began ordering her paintings for themselves. This is also the period in which her passion for photography started to bear fruits. As a result, her paintings were exposed in several underground roman spaces and she was engaged as a photo-reporter for some Female Cut events.
After a new performance of action painting during selections for MarteLive, she has been noticed by some critics and gallery owners, and now she has a busy schedule rich of new events to meet the requests. She has been invited as a performer to the 4th Edition of Torture Garden Main Party Italy, which is the main Fetish event in Italy, with a performance of action painting. She then created the performance "Schwarze Traum", that’s a mix of action painting and of great expressive force that immediately stirred up a lot of interest. On 25 September she participated in Italian Contemporary Art event presented by the Association "LARTEPIU" at the club Circolo degli Artisti in Rome, and in that occasion she brought on stage "Schwarze Traum" for the very first time. During this event she also exhibited a selection of works. The idea of "Schwarze Traum" is strong and well accepted and loved by organizers, and this leads her to fill a calendar full of events. On 30 September she participated in the group show "CARPE VIAM, Follow the road” at the Centro Polifunzionale Elsa Morante in Rome, organized by the Traslochi ad Arte. On 7/8 October she performed in Theatre Gori in Siena; after a few days, on 14 October she was the main guest at the local cultural centre Hula Hoop in Rome. Adding to all this, on 13 October she participated in the MarteLive finals. On 5 November she performed "Schwarze Traum" during the coolest night in the capital, "Female Cut" LANIFICIO 159. At MarteLive's end, she resulted the winner of the first prize for the painting section. During the award ceremony at the Galleria d'Arte Mithraeum she performed "Schwarze Traum" another more time. Pictures and shots taken during the performance by art photographer Gabriella Cinà were added to the exhibition “La Viande Rouge”, a traveling exhibition accompanying “Schwarze Traum" in the various galleries. Increasingly directed towards performance art, she is now working on new projects... and obviously she hasn't ever deposed the brush since then…

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