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Commercial photographer/DP

Mike Van Cleven was born and raised in Belgium. At the early age of 8 he came in contact with photography through a relative. At the age of 15 Mike spend his free days with a professional photographer who taught him the dark room secrets. With no digital cameras existing, photography for the young apprentice was full of trial and error.

Although throughout his early twenties he was not creating any commercial photography but merely explored his creative visual skills, he worked closely on brand and image projects that required high-end visual communication.

At the age of 28 and having worked with and for some of the worlds largest consumer brands, Mike decided to use his experience and focus on his photography skills and business.

Since then he has photographed for various brands, magazines and clients worldwide, and produced numerous of fashion and lifestyle shoots on some of the most remote and exotic locations around the world.

Today Mike works primarily as a commercial photographer and DP.


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