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MadeGood.org is a free and open web resource for appropriate technology. It is an educational tool, a hub for future and current international projects associated with design and engineering, and a platform to connect educated, interested individuals in the developed world with those in developing communities.

he MadeGood team has been working in Sub Saharan Africa using appropriate technology to help communities innovate, collaborate and achieve a better standard of living. This has won the support of numerous multi-national organisations, including The British Council, BIS, Practical Action, Terra Nuova, Kenyatta University of Nairobi, and the South African Centre of Rural Appropriate Technology. However, the success of these projects is hindered by basic problems of communication and access to information. MadeGood.org enables projects to operate at long distance, allowing for content to be uploaded and shared, discussions to take place, and reliable, relevant technical information to be accessed quickly and easily.

All content available on the site is open source, but authors are protected under Creative Commons license. The goal is to share knowledge, so access to the site is open and un-restricted. This offers a public space to learn more about, and become involved with projects that were previously out of reach. It is hoped that over time a community of academics and professionals will grow and contribute content to the database. This will attract the attention of aid agencies, NGO’s and similar organisations, and expand the network.

MadeGood is a collaborative community project. We’re always looking for new collaborations, so if you would like to be involved then get in touch.

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