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We love the music, we love a party and we love making events into unforgettable experiences, and that’s the secret to staying fresh and cutting edge.

We began back in the 90s by helping turn Hed Kandi into a legend, and since then we’ve blazed a trail that’s led us from Ibiza to the furthest corners of the globe, working for the biggest clients and with the hottest DJs. But we remain small enough to take a very personal approach. Whatever your ideas and your needs, we will tailor-make your event to fit.

For us our work is our life. Our craft and our skills really matter and getting it right every time really counts. What we do comes from the heart.

The tiniest touches aren’t too small for us to bother with and the most spectacular special effects aren’t too big for us to handle either. What matters is transforming the occasion into something truly special.

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