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Heyne-Fabrik, Offenbach, Germany

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madhat is an agency for digital design in analogue space.

madhat has been developing interactive exhibits and multimedia installations for more than ten years. We make robots dance, and we design kinetic sculptures. Our work appears at trade fairs and fun fairs, in malls and museums.

We find technology fun. We combine auto-stereoscopy with real time 3D, and our touch screens aren't always flat. We build holographic showcases ranging from tiny displays to towering installations. We plan media technology, track people, build circuit boards, map projections, and control motors.

For IBM Germany, we developed an award-winning digital signage system. For Nikon Europe, we built an interactive Heart from more than a hundred monitors. For Audi, we restored a mechanical pinball table. For Vodafone, we built interactive video walls that stand several metres tall. What can we do for you?

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