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MADInception is a dance company focused on the artistic exploration of artistic director Meredith Anderson. Inception is the establishment or starting point of something; the beginning. Every project, idea, thought has an initial inception. These become building blocks for the ideas to be created, molded and cultivated into innovative works. MADInception, Meredith Anderson Dance Inception, uses the initial momentum of the origin of the thought or inspiration to explore quality, movement and expression. Dance is an artistic form that has the ability to engage with people in a full body visceral experience. A visceral experience can be the act that instills an idea into someone’s mind by entering his or her mind. This idea in the mind of the audience can stick with them or can be fleeting and gone in an instance; either way they were touched, moved or transformed. This is the goal for MADInception to connect with people to touch them, to move them and to transform them. Whether that goal is met or not; it does not matter - it is all about the inception.

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