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  1. 90 Degrees West

    90 Degrees West PRO St. Louis


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    90 Degrees West is a full-service creative studio specializing in content creation and production management. Our team is made up of a select network of storytellers—including creative strategists, animators, editors, designers, producers and musicians. Our goal is simple. To impress, to surpass…

  2. DF Producción
  3. MillyFilms

    MillyFilms Europe


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    Film & Content Production Company

  4. TronicStudio

    TronicStudio New York City


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    Tronic is a NYC based directing, design and animation studio founded in 2001 by Columbia Architecture graduates Jesse Seppi and Vivian Rosenthal. They’ve directed and animated spots for Target, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony, designed and executed installations and new media campaigns for Diesel,…

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