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What makes us different?
Just as any faithful companion, we really want you to succeed in your endeavors. We do enjoy the creativity, the planning, the technique involved with every project, but, what really motivates us is the quest for a substantive positive effect on your project. Seeing real results come to fruition, in a shared effort, is both exciting and satisfying.
How do we define loyalty? Even years after having finished a project, we look back with pride at how a client is doing. And its great to see that you are still out there, working on the next great thing. We partner closely with you on even the smallest projects, because after 20 years, we’ve realized that what drives us is your success.
When successful project management requires us to dig in and manage all the tough details with you, pick apart a challenging schedule, sweat the technical, coordinate teams and stakeholders, and work the relentless hours – we are the good dogs for the job.
Over the years, we have dug up experience in many industries – working with everyone from small business to the Fortune 500. Magic Dog will shepherd your project through every phase:
concept – write – direct – shoot – edit – sit – stay

We shoot for a beautiful filmic look on RED EPIC and DSLR packages and will work within your budget. We’ll even herd together all necessary cast and crew.

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