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  1. 33:05

    2014 Texas 4000 Tribute and Team Videos

    by Magic Spoon Productions

    6 Videos

    During the summer of 2014, 79 University of Texas college students spent 70 days cycling from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska via the Sierra, Rockies and Ozarks Routes. Collectively, they raised…

  2. 07:29:52

    Music Videos & Live Shows

    by Magic Spoon Productions

    16 Videos

    These are music videos and live shows that I have filmed, edited, and produced for various artists in Austin and San Antonio, TX

  3. 33:45

    Lapses in Time: Stop Motion Photography

    by Magic Spoon Productions

    11 Videos

    These videos are all photo and video based time lapses documenting particular days, events, and ideas I have experienced thus far in life.

  4. 06:29

    ACTlab 2007: Dream & Delirium

    by Magic Spoon Productions

    3 Videos

    In my last semester as a student at the University of Texas, I discovered the ACTlab. Obviously I had been living under a rock, as are most students, because ACTlab courses are unlike anything currently…

  5. 02:59:34

    Texas 4000 Documentary

    by Magic Spoon Productions

    12 Videos

    These videos are installments of a 3 hour documentary I put together chronicling my 70 day bike ride with Texas 4000 from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska during the summer of 2008. Over 40…

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